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A Peaceful End to Medical Marijuana Prohibition

After nearly 20 years of antiquated federal policy, Congress has made a move to end the prohibition on Medical Marijuana. In the federal spending measure expected to be signed by President Obama later this week is a provision ending the funding of DEA operations against state sanctioned medical marijuana operations. Read more about the bipartisan measure here.

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Alumni Personal Story: David Hua

davidCongratulations to David Hua, OU’s December 2014 Alumni of the Month!



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Instructor of the Month: Joey Ereneta

Joey_teaching_smallCongratulations to Joey Ereneta, OU’s December 2014 Instructor of the Month!

What topics do you teach at OU/Specialize in?

I teach all things “grow”. Horticulture 101/102, Safe & Responsible Gardening, Seeds & Cuttings, Vegetative Growth, Flowering, Harvest, Nutrients & pH, Pests & Pathogens, Organics, Basic/Advanced Grow Room Design, Lighting: HIDs vs LEDs, Ventilation, Electrical Safety, Conditions for Optimal Growth, CO2 Supplementation, Plant Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrient Disorders, Outdoor Agriculture, Soil Science, Land Prep, Strain Selection, Sustainability, Irrigation, and Greenhouses. Continue reading

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James Anthony, Esq.

In January 2006, after serving as a zoning prosecutor in the Oakland City Attorney’s office, James started a full-time private practice specializing in medical cannabis dispensary land use law. James assists collectives in staying in compliance with state and local law, and defends collectives from local government lawsuits trying to shut them down. James also has deep political experience writing initiatives and running campaigns in Berkeley, San Jose, Santa Ana … Continue reading

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