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An Unconventional Advocate

summer pepitoneWhen I think about encouraging people, and how hard it can be to support another person in their dream, without reciprocity, I realize how precious and rare it is to have a cheerleader in your life. Someone who simply says “You can do it! I believe in you!” (even when you do not believe in yourself…) Do you have one in your life? Continue reading

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Alumni Success Story: Summer Pepitone

summer pepitoneCongratulations to Summer Pepitone, OU’s March 2015 Alumni of the Month!

Summer is a graduate of the January 2015 Classic and Horticultural Semesters!

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Instructor of the Month: Paul Armentano

armentanoCongratulations to Paul Armentano, OU’s March 2015 Instructor of the Month!

What do you teach at Oaksterdam University?

I lecture about the scientific record that supports relative safety and therapeutic efficacy of cannabis and its components. A keyword search using the term ‘marijuana’ on the PubMed website, the repository for all peer-reviewed research, yields some 22,000 published studies in the scientific literature specific to cannabis and its effects. And while I cannot touch upon all of these studies in a 90-minute lecture, I try my best to educate students to the reality that we know more about the science surrounding  this plant and its interactions with our bodies than we know about many of the conventional pharmaceuticals it could arguably replace.

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