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What You Need to Know About the Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act

Oaksterdam faculty and staff have probably warned you about it. The cannabis industry has complained about it.  And cities have already taken action to defend against it. The Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act (MMRSA) is the new sheriff in town when it comes to the regulation of medical marijuana on a state and local level. MMRSA contains laws and regulations for nearly every aspect of the industry- yes, from seed to sale. Continue reading

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Chancellor’s Chat: January 2016

dale squareHappy New Year! Let’s hit the ground running…

This coming year holds much promise for the cannabis industry. Many events happened in 2015 to move the cannabis reform needle in California, and across the country. We anticipate that 2016 will continue along the same path. New clean-up bills will be introduced at the state and federal levels, a new president will be voted into office, and increasing numbers will enter the cannabis industry seeking knowledge and opportunity. Continue reading

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Instructor of the Month: Ed Breslin

xternal logoCongratulations to Ed Breslin, OU’s January 2016 Instructor of the Month!

What do you teach at Oaksterdam University?
Teaching topical applications of cannabis to my class at Oaksterdam University is such an honor. Each class is so unique with people from around the world eager to be educated.

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Alumni Success Story: Jonathan Diaz

Jonathan Diaz thumbCongratulations to Jonathan Diaz, the featured January 2016 Alumni of the month!

Jonathan is a graduate of the Afternoon Horticulture Semester Sep – Dec 2015 Continue reading

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Tip of the Month: January 2016

tip of the month ladybug transparentCombining N-P-K ratios

If you are an indoor cultivator you may be wondering how to properly add multiple N-P-K ratios together to calculate the overall ratio of your feedings. When mixing multiple nutrients with varying N-P-K ratios, you must combine their values to discover the new ratio. By doing so, you’ll be able to match your feeding’s ratio with your preferred ratio for each stage of plant growth.

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Eric Sterling

Professor: Politics & History Eric E. Sterling has been President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation since 1989. Eric has been active in marijuana law reform for 39 years without interruption since he joined NORML in 1976. As a third year law student he testified for marijuana decriminalization before the Pennsylvania legislature and then ran a NORML chapter in Delaware County, PA from 1977 to 1979. Currently he is serving … Continue reading

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Michael “Big Mike” Parker

Lead Horticulture Technician Big Mike is steeped in the legacy and tradition not just of Oaksterdam University, but the American cannabis cultivation movement lauding from the radical 1960s- 1970s political era. With more than five decades of experience cultivating cannabis, Big Mike brings a holistic and unique perspective to his role as the Lead Horticulture Technician at Oaksterdam.  Truly a “grass-roots” grower, Big Mike has been instructing new generations of … Continue reading

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Mike Whitty

Professor: Advocacy Professor Mike Whitty has taught at the OU in Ann Arbor, Michigan and in Oakland, California. Mike also teaches drug policy and advocacy at the University of Michigan and global trends at the University of San Francisco. Mike has been active with NORML, ACLU, Americans for Safe Accessand the Drug Policy Alliance. Mike has authored “Healing the Heart and Mind: Cannabis and Human Conscious” and ”Linking Drug Policy with Civil Rights to … Continue reading

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