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Chancellor’s Chat: February 2017

Dale headshot thumbnail 2The next couple of years will be crucial for the future of legal cannabis businesses, here in California and across the country. Policy wins in 2016 for 8 out of 9 cannabis reform initiatives, totalling 28 states nationwide, certainly boded well... however the likely confirmation of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as the next US Attorney General causes concern.


Featured Instructor of the Month: Jimmy “The Chef” Sadegi

Jimmy Head ShotCongratulations to Jimmy “The Chef” Sadegi, Oaksterdam University's February featured Instructor! To read Jimmy 's interview, please click the read more button below. 

Freedom Leaf Interview: Dale Sky Jones of Oaksterdam University

Dale Sky Jones Freedomleaf"In 2017, Oaksterdam University is celebrating its 10th year as America’s premier cannabis college. Dale Sky Jones has been at the helm as Executive Chancellor since 2008. After numerous corporate jobs in training and hospitality, she found an unlikely home in the burgeoning marijuana industry."

Alumni Success Story: Adam Scott

Adam ScottCongratulations to Adam Scott, Oaksterdam University's February featured Alumni! To read Adam's interview, please click the read more button below.

Horticulture Tip of the Month: Algae in Hydro System

Tip of the month leafHaving issues with Algae in your system? Read this month's tip to learn how to prevent and remedy algae growth.


Oaksterdam University Plants Rootz in Jamaica

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In 2015, Jamaica decriminalized small amounts of cannabis and established the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), which is currently setting up regulations for the cultivation, distribution, manufacture, transportation and consumption of medical cannabis on the Caribbean island, long known for reggae music and ganja.


Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry

America’s first cannabis college was founded in the year 2007 to provide students with the highest quality training for the cannabis industry.  Since opening its doors, thousands of students have learned how to grow medicinal quality cannabis and have gained important skills needed for success in the cannabis industry.  OU’s faculty is comprised of the most knowledgeable and recognized names in the industry. With 150 active professors and instructors, our legal professors not only teach you about the law, they helped write the law.

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