Oaksterdam University Certification Program

Certification Program

Oaksterdam University offers certification to students who pass their final exams with a 75% or higher. Certification is recommended for students who would like to use Oaksterdam University as a reference for employment. If you are not interested in employment with a dispensary or other cannabis related business, you are perfectly welcome to take our classes for your personal enrichment.

There are three levels of certification at Oaksterdam University:

  • Semester Certification (Highest level)
  • Seminar Certification
  • Online Class Certification, printable immediately upon passing the class/course

What is the difference between Semester and Seminar certification?

  • Semester students have demonstrated the dedication to come back to class for 10 to 14 consecutive weeks.
  • Semester students have a higher and verifiable rate of comprehension through homework assignments and mid-term examinations.
  • Online certification is printable in PDF form. Semester and Seminar students who pass will receive an original signed certification in the mail. Please contact Student Services with questions.
  • Oaksterdam University does recognize that not everyone has the time/money required for the semester class, nor is everyone able to meet in Oakland for 14 consecutive weeks. This is why we offer the weekend seminar certification.

What does receiving certification get me?

Whichever route you choose to follow, assuming you pass our final examination and meet our attendance requirements, you can begin listing Oaksterdam University in your “special skills or training” section of your resume. You may give our main phone number (510) 251-1544 to prospective employer to verify that you are a student in good standing.

We are always expanding our ever growing curriculum and plan to offer diplomas and degrees which would require a higher number of credit hours.

*It can take up to 8 weeks to receive your certificate after we receive your exam(s) and/or assignments.