Alumni Success Story: Derrick White

oakspicDerrick White
Basic and Advanced Classic Seminar
November 23, 2009 and October 13, 2008

Why I attended Oaksterdam:
I chose to attend Oaksterdam Cannabis University to learn horticulture and to become a certified cannabis cultivator. How ever I didn’t know I would go on to learn business, law, and health. Which opened my eyes to an array of possibilities.

How has it helped or inspired me:
All the different walks of life that attended the course inspired me day one. With so many aspects of the industry to create from I knew this was the perfect for me. Ultimately I began to work for myself to become as independent, creative, and caring as possible. It led me to becoming a web builder, graphic designer, chef healer, marketer, and green inspiration of light.

What I would tell prospective students:
I would tell students to in with an open mind. For what you came to do may not be what you leave doing. you will be taught the highest quality of cannabis education and experience a course like no other. You will never forget the skills you’ll learn and the people you will meet.

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