Alumni Success Story: Ryan Nessa

ryan nessaCongratulations to Ryan Nessa, the featured February 2016 Alumni of the month!

Ryan is a graduate of the January 23-26 Basic & Advanced Horticulture Seminar

Why I attended Oaksterdam University
I attended OU to further my knowledge in this industry. I wanted to better prepare myself for when I start my own cannabusiness, and Oaksterdam had the type of education I was looking for.

How it helped/inspire me
The experience & knowledge of the Oaksterdam instructors & staff was phenomenal. After attending and being around focused, like-minded people, who all fight for progress in this industry really inspires you to get out there and get the job done.

What would you tell a prospective student?
Come prepared to learn about a lot, and if this is the career path you would like, this is the place to start!

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