California is the 8th largest economy in the world. It’s also where Oaksterdam was founded, and continues to call home. While Alaska, Colorado, D.C., Oregon and Washington have the led the way, legalization in California will change the course of the cannabis movement across the country and around the world.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that Oaksterdam’s non-profit sister organization, ReformCA, has retained a leading signature gathering firm to qualify an initiative to legalize cannabis in California for the November 2016 ballot. A draft initiative will be filed in the coming weeks.

ReformCA’s draft comes as a result of an extensive drafting process. This includes in depth consultations with diverse stakeholders, such as physicians and nurses, the NAACP, Latino, and Asian civic organizations, elected officials, community leaders, organized labor, retired law enforcement officers, soccer moms and the while staying in constant contact with the responsible operators and patients of the statewide medical cannabis system. I’m confident our whole movement can get behind this draft initiative, including you.

ReformCA is backed by 70,000 grassroots supporters across the state and 135,000 nationwide. I encourage all Oaksterdam graduates to join us at and help make history.

Let’s get your friends signed up for the digital army.

Dale headshot thumbnail 2Dale Sky Jones
Oaksterdam University
Executive Chancellor
Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform