AS 350AMy dear friends and alumni,

This year has definitely been one of the quickest to go by. A lot has happened in 2015, in our nation, internationally, and for Oaksterdam University. We are excited for what the future holds with 2016 right around the corner and as more states continue to legalize.

In addition to training individuals wanting to get into the cannabis industry, we are now training regulators—city council members, state agencies, and government officials are now taking OU classes and state agencies are asking for specialized training. OU also trains state evaluators overseeing medical marijuana license applications.

Oaksterdam University will soon offer online courses! We have partnered with Oracle, a leading integrated cloud applications and platform services company, to bring our curriculum online and to provide our students with the best possible learning management experience available. Initially, the courses available will be our core pre-requisite courses: legal, history, politics, and civics 101. Watch for more information.

We are extending our scope into research and development and have partnered with the Oregon Health Research Institute serving as Scientific Advisory Board members regarding clinical trials and published data as well as with the University of West Indies, where we plan to help lead important cannabis research and development.

ReformCA, which is cultivated by the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, is near and dear to OU. Chancellor Dale Sky Jones and others have finished drafting this initiative to tax, control and regulate cannabis in California. If you live in California, be sure you are registered to vote and turn out in November and remember, reform begins with education. Support ReformCA by learning more and by helping spread the word. It’s imperative to band citizens together to finally end cannabis prohibition.

Thus far, OU has graduated over 25,000 cannabis gladiators from within California, the United States and over 30 countries worldwide. We are very proud of our graduates; they are some of most active leaders in the industry. We’ve begun to feature alumni stories in the newsletter. Be sure to check them out each month.

Our confidence in OU alumni stretches far and wide and we trust that you will continue to move forward, to be the first to secure permits and to represent the cannabis industry and community with compassion, education and professionalism. As this year ends, we ask that you continue to raise awareness, raise the bar and show the world why you are the best for business.

Be safe as 2015 ends and as 2016 begins. Enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year!

Dr. Aseem Sappal
Provost & Dean of the Faculty
Oaksterdam University