All of us at Oaksterdam University hope you had an enjoyable and safe 4th of July Celebration! This year was unique because in addition to celebrating freedom on Independence Day, many Americans also celebrated the recent Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal across the United States. Not everyone agreed with the ruling, but the “love is love” celebration made a rippling effect from the coast to coast.

When the same-sex marriage decision was announced, Oaksterdam was in Washington, D.C., just four blocks from the White House, conducting our two-day Classic Seminar. Being there, in D.C., at that time was truly historic. And, now that medical and adult use cannabis is legal in D.C., people from around the country turned out to learn about the cannabis industry. We were also pleased to meet numerous commissioners from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, who also attended our seminar. Their presence in the course, I am sure, will motivate students to be the first to pull permits, not just in Maryland, but wherever they want to do business. It was a great opportunity to have the commissioners see just how safe, responsible and educated our alumni are.

What’s next for our country? We certainly want it to be federal legalization of cannabis. Why should people who need and believe in cannabis risk their freedom? Federal action is still needed and our fight continues. Cannabis education and advocacy will continue to pave the road. Stay the course and stay involved locally, regionally and nationally.

I encourage you to send a message to President Obama. Ask him to support cannabis education under his overall umbrella of education reform. Preparing Americans for the jobs of the future includes preparing them for jobs in the growing cannabis industry.

And finally, I would like to congratulate Oaksterdam’s own Golden State Warriors as this years NBA champions!!!!

Thank you,

AS 350ADr. Aseem Sappal