Deidra Bagdasarian “Miss Bliss”

Instructor: Methods of Ingestion: Cooking

Deidra Bagdasarian started her advocacy and involvement in the marijuana legalization movement with Phoenix NORML. Inspired by the medicinal and therapeutic effects of cannabis, and paired with her background as a baker and caterer, she was naturally drawn to edibles. She set out to demystify the art of cannabis extraction and create something beyond edible, something that could be called bliss. Her highly successful results prompted her and her husband to move to San Francisco to become part of the medicinal marijuana movement. In 2009, Deidra became co-founder and chief baker of Bliss Edibles, a non-profit medicinal marijuana edibles collective. She and her partner/husband have made Bliss Edibles available to patients in over 30 dispensaries throughout California, including Oaksterdam’s own Coffeeshop Blue Sky. Bliss Edibles classic bakery style confections have made them a leader in the industry after winning 2nd Place in the Edibles Category of the 2010 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup and being named one of SF Weekly’s Top 5 Edibles. Deidra’s creative and scientific approach to cannabis extraction, along with her extensive baking knowledge, allowed her to create truly unique, simple, infusion methods which she enthusiastically shares with her students at Oaksterdam.

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