Prerequisites are included in every semester program, as well as every basic seminar. In order to attend an advanced seminar, you must attend a basic seminar of that course.

Prerequisite Program Class: Legal (available in every semester and seminar)

An important introduction to the legal issues surrounding medical cannabis and the cannabis industry. Learn about the laws that govern cannabis distribution, cultivation, possession, and consumption for adults and medical patients. Have your questions answered by prominent cannabis lawyers. What’s the difference between state & federal law and what does that mean for you? Learn how to behave safely and responsibly under California Law. This class is included in all core courses.

There are NO REFUNDS for the Prerequisite Program. Please call 510-251-1544 for any questions.

Prerequisite Program Class: Civics (available in every semester and seminar)

What is a qualified patient and how do you become one? What are your rights under the law? How do you exercise your rights to navigate police encounters successfully? Learn your civic rights and responsibilities to positively contribute to our community and the cannabis industry. Class code is 5301

Prerequisite Program Class: Politics & History (available only in the Classic Semester and Classic Seminar)

Students will get a detailed overview of the politics and history surrounding cannabis, historically referred to as hemp or marijuana. This course covers the political history of cannabis, as well as important legal decisions that affect the industry today. Did you know that the U.S. Federal Government created a program in the early ’80s to distribute cannabis for medicinal use? Learn more about this and other historical events while getting the latest information on current court cases and legislative decisions that can affect you. This class is included in all core courses. Class code 5101