Featured Instructor of the Month: Aunt Sandy

1291933929Aunt_Sandy_MoriartyWhat do you do at Oaksterdam University?
I have been with Oaksterdam University since it opened in 2007. I was a student in 2007 and completed the Basic program. While taking the classes I would share my recipes with the staff and impressed them with my treats. I changed the original process to make butter and developed a superior process that created the best edibles.

How long have you been with OU?
In 2008 I was asked to teach the cooking class Methods of Ingestion- Cooking. We also offer an elective hands on cooking class where I have fun cooking  and show the proper way to infuse cannabis in multiple ways.

How you got involved in the industry?
I got started in the business when my brother asked me to make him some brownies. He said they were the worst because they were full of seeds and stems, crunchy! So this created a passion in me to perfect the process and make the most butt kicking-ist butter I could. I knew I could always lessen the potency by mixing cannabutter with creamy butter and control the strength.

What is the name of your company or business and what services you provide?
For the past decade I have shaped the tastes of cooking with cannabis by publishing Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook in 2008. To create this landmark book I learned how to infuse butter with cannabis and still maintain the integrity of the recipe.

It became a bestseller on Amazon and changed the process of cooking with cannabis forever. So now I am a successful author working on my second edition. I also teach and do demonstrations for groups of interested patients. I love meeting people and sharing with them and having answers for all their questions. I also bake delicious products that are unique to the market.

Expert tip for our readers?
Our business has changed a lot since we started with those beautiful little buds of flower. The concentrates have taken over. My new cookbook is based on cooking with the concentrates and infusing them into every type of recipe. There are secrets I’ve learned since I’ve been in the test kitchen and love to share. The most important tip to the success of your recipe is in the material you are working with. The better the stash the better the potency and texture of your product.

Favorite part about Oaksterdam?
Oaksterdam University is the happiest place on earth! It is so gratifying to see the students learning and being amazed with how much they learn. Our faculty is made up of top of the line experts in each subject. I am very fortunate to be a part of such a stellar team. Check it out and compare they are the BEST in the business. Our staff handles a program that is new and growing with the changes of our business. They work tirelessly to keep the classes always full to capacity! They are proud to be in this business and running the first and most successful cannabis college in the world!

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Cooking with cannabis has been valued for many years for its healing properties and abilities to improve certain ailments. My new edition is packed with practical guidance , up to date information and techniques. It’s for understanding the relief that certain food can bring to common conditions. These recipes will work best for you personally helping you achieve good health, vitality and peace of mind. My best recipe is my Dizzy Bird. Add a cup of cannabutter or 10 milligrams of shatter or 5 grams of hash to your favorite recipe of stuffing. Then rub cannabutter under the skin of the turkey bird because it doesn’t penetrate the skin, cook 20 minutes per pound and you have create a party in a pan! With your family and friends enjoying the dizzy bird together you will have a memorable experience! Enjoy! Happy Cooking!

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