Featured Instructor of the Month: Felicia Shaw

Felicia ShawWhat do you teach at Oaksterdam University?
The class I teach is alternative methods of ingesting topical applications.

How long have you been with OU?
I started teaching class in 2010.

How you got involved in the industry?
How I got involved is in the Cannabis industry is after taking a class at Oaksterdam  in 2009, I started making cannabis infused topicals after researching that it was awesome for your skin and the many benefits of topicals such as pain relief and Arthritis. I was already making skincare products and selling at berkeley flea market. My 1st client was Harbor Side. My products started flying off the shelves there and they suggested that I take it to other clubs once I started taking my products to the club I ended up with approximately 20 clubs in less than a year that carried my product.

What is the name of your company or business and what services you provide?
The name of my business is Mystic herbal body care and my website is Mysticherbalbodycare.com. I’m located at 77 8th Street downtown Oakland will I have a gift shops and body care Services offering cannabis massages and hot with hot stones and cupping therapy.

Favorite part about Oaksterdam?
My favorite part about Oaksterdam is that I am able to educate people on the uses and healing benefits of Topical Cannabis when in 2011 not very many people had heard of the benefits.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Many of the students have become friends and business associates and I still apart of the Cannabis family I love Oaksterdam. Because we started a revolution in the Bay Area and have changed the Consciousness and acceptance of cannabis in the Bay Area and also all over the world that is an awesome feeling and I’m very proud of.

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