Featured Staff of the Month: Phebe Babcock

phebe thumbnail 2What do you do at Oaksterdam University?
I am a Facilitator at the Oaksterdam University Oakland Campus.

How long have you been with OU?
December 2016

How you got involved in the industry?
It started 3 years ago when I was pondering about all my experiences and how I could use them in a career. I wondered and I began to ask myself meditatively. Soon after, I was invited to work at a law office in Las Vegas. I walked in and saw a huge poster of a cannabis leaf and knew almost right away that I was going to work for this plant. I started to laugh for a few minutes because I had wanted nothing to do with cannabis. I was taught a different story. Now this made me question. I began to do my own research.

I discovered her healing properties, especially that of cancer. I was ecstatic. My mom had passed from cancer and I had been diagnosed with it 5 years ago. This news drove my research even further.

As I continued my job at the law office working on a dispensary license, meeting growers, business associates, senators, and activists, my desire to get closer to the plant grew. Not long after I found myself working on a cannabis farm for an award winning grower I had met. I began shadowing him, learning as much as I could. He introduced me to Oaksterdam University and I attended the Las Vegas Horticulture Seminar shortly after. A year later I found myself Facilitating here at Oaksterdam.

Favorite part about OU?

Getting to know the students and watching, hearing, and supporting them advocate for Cannabis.

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