Federal Actions that Affect Us All

Video Statement from Lynnette Shaw

Feds are practicing selective prosecution against a pioneering medical cannabis provider, who has been prevented “for life” from helping desperate patients. The DOJ is refusing to release constraints on the founder of one of the first permitted medical cannabis providers in the nation, while at least six new D.C. medical cannabis businesses set up shop in their backyard without interference.

Lynnette Shaw, founder of Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana to help patients in her community, filed a motion on June 9th requesting relief from her permanent civil injunction with San Francisco Federal District Court. After requesting an extension, the Federal reply came back late Friday. They are fighting it.

There will be a hearing on August 14th, 2015, at San Francisco Federal Civil Court, 10 AM, Courtroom 6, 17th floor, in front of the Honorable Judge Charles R. Breyer, to determine the outcome.

“Considering that there are now thousands of licensed dispensaries across the nation, including up to ten cannabis cultivation permits and three cannabis dispensary permits locally in Washington DC…why are the Feds overreaching all the way out to California to tell the Town of Fairfax they can not allow the one business they trust to reopen? The Federal government relentlessly strong-armed the Marin Alliance into closure, leaving our patients without safe access in Marin County.”

Her attorney team cites that there has been a DOJ misinterpretation of current law, plus a disregard of the rapidly expanding list of states that permit medical marijuana. “I believe that the Feds are trying to have it both ways, by retaining the legal leverage unfairly used against me as the quiet way to shut down any and all dispensaries, not just mine, now and in the future” stated Lynnette Shaw, who claims the title “Founding Mother of Licensed Dispensaries”. Shaw developed the first publicly regulated medical cannabis business in America with the Town of Fairfax in 1997. The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana had been open without incident for over 15 years.

The Town of Fairfax sent a formal letter to the Federal government requesting a release for Shaw, so that the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana could reopen. “The times have changed. There are now over 60,000 licensed dispensaries across the nation. Why should I be barred for life from an industry I helped invent? We worked with the community, followed the letter of the law, and paid our taxes. I did a good job tending to my patients and making excellent products available in a kind and caring atmosphere”.

The community that Shaw represents requests donations for her legal fees be sent to: www.gofundme.com/reopenMAMM

Lynnette Shaw

Greg Anton, Esq

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