Position: Distillation Technician & Solventless Extract Artists

New extraction facility seeking qualified applicants to join team in SF.  Immediate position available for Distillation Technician. Passion for extracts and fine quality cannabis concentrates and must! Laboratory experience and/or extraction experience recommended, desire to learn and create top quality products required. General duties / responsibilities include winterizing and filtering product with ethanol and processing through vacuum distillation setup, cleaning of work station and equipment, and filling out applicable production logs and yield reports. This is a great opportunity for the right candidate(s) to learn high end extraction techniques and refinement with an experienced company opening a new facility in SF. Will be hiring for solvent less extract artists in the coming month also so apply early!

Please send resume and answer to the question “Why are you interested in cannabis concentrates and what are most important aspects of the company you want to work with?” to jobs@field710.com