Horticulture Tip of the Month: Manual CO2

Tip of the month leaf“I am using a 1,000-watt lamp and a hydroponic setup. I want to add CO2. Would it be possible to saturate the area with CO2 every few hours rather than buying a CO2regulator setup?” 

B.V., Fort Worth, Texas

Saturating the room with CO2 is an inefficient way to provide it to the plants. Most of the CO2 will escape the room before the plants can use it. A regulator setup controlled by a ppm meter will assure the garden a continuous supply of CO2 at the proper concentration.

Although CO2 regulator may seem expensive, they are well worth the money. The increase in growth rate will pay for the device in increased yield the first crop. An automatic system makes CO2 enrichment an easy process, not subject to your schedule.

Carbon dioxide at the concentration advantageous to plants is not harmful to humans, but the body buses CO2 concentration to regulate our breathing automatically. A very high concentration may not be healthy.

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