Horticulture Tip of the Month: Rainy Harvest

Tip of the month leafThe Best of Ask Ed: Rainy Harvest

Will Rain make buds less potent?
BONGMASTER, Lakeside, Ca

Will shaking plants after a rain prevent mold? Is there any way to prevent mold?
MOLDY MARIJUANA MAN, Charleston, West Virginia

Buds that are subjected to rain face two problems. The first is that rain and wind knock glands off the plant surface. Sometimes they knock off just the gland heads, which contain most of the THC. This happens more when the buds are nearing maturity. Rain and wind also knock debris onto the surfaces where they are caught by the sticky glands.

The second problem is that rain and high moisture promote molds and fungus. Drops of rain get into the tight buds and the moisture remains there. This provides ideal conditions for mold growth – a dark, moist, acidic space with plenty of fresh vegetation food.

There are a few ways to prevent mold from attacking buds. Mold prefers an acidic environment and does not do well in alkaline situations. The pH can be changed on the buds from acidic to alkaline by spraying with water adjusted to about pH 8 using either pH Up or potassium bicarbonate. These products prevent mold until the rain washes them away.

Alkaline water is the preferred method of dealing with mold in nearly ripe buds. It leaves no toxic residue and does not harm the plant. Of course the buds should also be very gently shaken to remove water.

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