Featured Instructor of the Month: Jeff Jones

Congratulations to Jeff Jones, OU’s August 2015 Instructor of the Month!

jjones1. What do you teach at Oaksterdam University?
I teach Horticulture 101 & 102 in the Classic Program, and many of the horticulture classes in the Horticulture Seminars and Semester. I also teach Advocacy and Methods of Ingestion: Extracts.

2. How long have you been with OU?
Since almost the beginning of Oaksterdam University in 2007

3. How you got involved in the industry?
Having a father pass away from Cancer when I was fourteen caused me to want to help those patients that were suffering.  I got involved with cannabis reform in 1994 and have been very active in trying to ensure safe access and better policies for growing and providing cannabis products.

4. What is the name of your company or business and what services you provide?
I work at the Patient ID Center in Downtown Oakland. We help patients by offering secure photo ID cards and offer referrals to collectives and doctor clinics.

5. Expert tip for our readers?
The best way to maximize your indoor garden is to increase CO2 levels above what is normally 400 PPM in the atmosphere.  If you can successfully raise the level to over 1200-1500 PPM during flowering time, you can see up to 15-30% more grams per watt after harvest.

6. Favorite part about Oaksterdam?
I like to empower patients and other growers to be more efficient and safe when growing cannabis.  I try to help students avoid all the pit falls of not using the best practice standards while cultivating cannabis.

7. Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
I am glad we have such vast and diverse Alumni at Oaksterdam University.  It makes me proud to help ensure cannabis jobs and opportunity ahead for many that are just entering our industry.


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