Instructor of the Month: John Geluardi

Congratulations to John Geluardi, OU’s October 2015 Instructor of the Month!

What do you teach at Oaksterdam University?
I teach economics of the medical cannabis industry. Topics cover the economic forces that have helped propel the burgeoning industry into a vital contributor to the country’s business community and the powerful opposing forces that would push medical cannabis back into the shadows.

How long have you been with OU?
I have had the honor of instructing Oaksterdam students since 2013.

How you got involved in the industry?
I first became involved in the medical cannabis industry 1999 as a city hall reporter in Berkeley where I covered the city’s struggle to establish laws and policies that would effectively govern the new industry amidst a great deal of legal confusion at the local, state and federal levels.

What is the name of your company or business and what services you provide?
In 2010, I published a book titled “Cannabiz: The Explosive Rise of the Medical Marijuana Industry,” which was the first book to cover the history, ongoing advocacy and business practices of the medical cannabis industry.

 Expert tip for our readers?
It’s vitally important to stay updated on all new developments in the categories of advocacy, state regulations and any activity on the federal level regarding federal banking policies, trends in prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service and most importantly the status of cannabis as a Schedule One drug.

Favorite part about Oaksterdam?
Oaksterdam is has been a major force in promoting practices in the medical cannabis industry and helped improve the industry’s reputation by helping establish product standards, ethical codes and professionalism. More importantly, Oaksterdam University has a potent tradition of advocacy that is well organized, thoughtful and effective.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers
If you’re just getting involved in the medical cannabis industry or if you’re a veteran, there’s few other industries that offer more opportunities or more diverse and vital ways to contribute. As always, the best of luck to you.

Cannabiz: The Explosive Rise of the Medical Marijuana Industry is an excellent overview of the medical cannabis industry, its history, advocacy and finally its growing acceptance by the general public.


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