Featured Instructor of the Month: Nicole Howell Neubert

headshot-nicole-howell-neubert (1)What do you teach at Oaksterdam University?
Courses on the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act; Legal Business Structures.

How long have you been with OU?
I’ve just recently started teaching at Oaksterdam University!

How you got involved in the industry?
I represented my first dispensary owner in 2008 in a federal criminal case.  Seeing someone go to prison for dedicating himself to providing quality medical cannabis to patients stoked my fire for representing medical cannabis patients and organizations.  Today, this is the focus of my practice.

What is the name of your company or business and what services you provide?
Clark Neubert LLP, which I founded with my law partner Ariel Clark.  We have offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Together we are able to provide comprehensive business law and corporate counseling to the industry.  We form entities, advise on proper legal operations, work with clients and local governments to obtain business licenses and permits, and provide all other general business law services related to our clients’ operations. 

Expert tip for our readers?
Engage.  Now is the time to get yourself organized and prepared for success in state licensing by making your voice heard in your local community.  You can truly make a difference now in the way your city or county chooses to engage in legal commercial cannabis.  Get active.

Favorite part about Oaksterdam?
Oaksterdam is truly revolutionary.  An official university educating a generation of cannabis cultivators, consumers, and policymakers?  C’mon!  OU is amazing.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers
Just a note of gratitude for being able to serve this community.  I am so proud to be a Californian, to participate in this incredible paradigm-shift for cannabis, and to be part of the Oaksterdam community.  As challenging as it can be (and it is!), I truly love my work.

Clark NeubertNicole Howell Neubert

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