Natalie Darves, M.B.A.

Professor: Sustainability, Soil Science and Organics, Outdoor Horticulture, and Irrigation.

A certified master gardener, Natalie is a lifelong advocate for social reform, sustainable horticulture, and community development. After receiving her BA in Sociology with Honors from the University of Oregon, Natalie went on to earn an Executive MBA in Wine Business at Sonoma State University. She has successfully executed projects of all sizes for wine and cannabis companies alike, contributing key insights and strategic partnerships every time. As is a leader in both sustainable outdoor cannabis horticulture and business progressivism, Natalie is a proponent of closed-loop, “beyond organic” models and has worked with numerous cannabis-cultivation groups to drive policy reform and develop farming best practices. She is the lead professor of outdoor horticulture at Oaksterdam University.

Natalie Darves can be reached at:

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