October 2015 Tip of the Month

horticulture tip of the month Horticultural Myths  Horticulture is both a science and an art, wherein lies a world muddled by biased research, myths, and misconceptions. It’s difficult to find information backed with the scientific research needed to prove its legitimacy, and even more difficult to find information backed with photographic or numeric evidence. When studying the extremely wide range of horticultural topics, it is very easy to be fooled by extensively marketed and inaccurately labeled products, hearsay advice, and unreliable sources. With this in mind, we should all be aware that our own sources of information may be flawed by a lack of thorough study. Even a lot of reliable sources may provide inaccurate information, as there are a lot of myths regarding horticultural techniques and practices. When gathering information or researching a topic, we must remember that because horticulture is both a science and an art, there is bound to be contradictory information and antithetical advice among the scientifically proven. It’s important to validate the information by finding as many credible sources as possible and to compare and contrast them. Horticultural myth buster Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott has provided a publicly accessible archive of writings focused on debunking myths. Dr. Chalker-Scott has a Ph.D. in horticulture from the Oregon State University and is an ISA certified arborist. She is Washington State University’s Extension Urban Horticulturalist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. In her more than twenty years as a university researcher and educator in the field of plant physiology, Dr. Chalker-Scott has discovered and debunked many so-called truths in agricultural studies and traditional techniques. You can access Dr. Chalker-Scott’s writing on Horticultural Myths online at theinformedgardener.com, where she writes thoroughly researched articles on debunking common horticultural myths and misconceptions.  Her aim is to demystify misleading and unfounded traditional and non-traditional methods that have been ingrained into horticultural practices and customs. Be aware that the research and information provided doesn’t directly involve cannabis, however a good deal of the documents provide relevant and reliable material. Here at Oaksterdam University, we pride ourselves in teaching and delivering the most factual, credible, and precise information available. Our horticulture instructors have a minimum of 20 years experience growing cannabis, providing students with accurate and authentic knowledge and training. Enroll in an Oaksterdam University Horticulture Seminar or Semester to get hands-on training and invaluable skills and knowledge! Ace Kisch ace@oaksterdamuniversity.com

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