Valley Health Options

large_925_HVOlogo_1355429869Valley Health Options is one of the longest operating medical dispensaries in Sacramento. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and high quality medical cannabis flowers, extracts, concentrates, and edibles.

Valley Health Options is looking for 1 or 2 OU graduates to hire as employees to work in their Indoor cultivation facility in Sacramento. They are seeking individuals that have a base of knowledge and understanding of pH, EC/PPM, light cycles, growth stages, general crop maintenance, desirable environmental conditions, plant training methods such as topping, super cropping, low stress training, basic knowledge of plant physiology in terms of understanding “how plants work”, basic knowledge/understand of chemistry related to plant nutrients, etc. Applicants should be Sacramento locals or able to commute within one hour.

In addition to this knowledge, VHO is looking for someone that is intelligent, learns quickly, is ambitious and eager to gain additional knowledge and experience in cultivation (willing to learn), absolutely dependable, pays attention to detail, is capable of following instructions exactly, possesses good oral and written communication skills, and has a flexible schedule that will accommodate the necessary fluctuations in amount/time of work depending on time of year and growth stage of plants.

Employee responsibilities will include general crop maintenance, planting/transplanting, training, hand watering and/or using/maintaining semi-automated watering system, mixing nutrients properly and as instructed (including pH adjustment/monitoring), keeping daily logs (work performed, temperature/humidity, nutrient levels, etc.), and monitoring the plants for any problems/changes such as deficiencies, discoloration, bugs, mold/mildew, etc.

Please contact and include your resume!
Valley Health Options
1421 Auburn blvd.
Sacramento, California, 95815

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