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OU Launches Budtending LIVE!

OU Launches Budtending LIVE!

Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college, will offer our Budtending Certification Program LIVE, online in real-time for the first time in spring, 2022. Registration is open now for the virtual four-week course, which begins March 16, 2022. Students who complete the course will get skilled and certified for a Budtending career.

7 Jobs in Cannabis Cultivation

7 Jobs in Cannabis Cultivation

An estimated 321,000 Americans work full-time in the cannabis sector, and that number is only expected to grow. There are a wide variety of positions available in the industry. If you like working with plants, here are seven jobs in cultivation that might be for you.

5 Ways to Break Into a Cannabis Career

5 Ways to Break Into a Cannabis Career

According to the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report, legal cannabis now supports 321,000 full-time American jobs. Since 2017, the industry has averaged 27.5 percent employment growth each year, outpacing all other industries. Within the cannabis space, there are jobs in cultivation, manufacturing, retail, regulation, marketing, law, and more. Here are some tips from Oaksterdam University on breaking into the cannabis industry.

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America's First Cannabis College

Our students benefit from an unmatched educational experience, learning from the world’s most respected cannabis professionals and surrounded by peers with a wide array of backgrounds, perspectives and talents.

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“Oaksterdam University was my first stop when I entered the industry 11 years ago. From learning the basics to meeting the industry’s future leaders, it was worth every minute.” — David Paleschuck Author, Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis

"Oaksterdam has a long history of educating cannabis entrepreneurs at the international level. After graduation, when my home country in Southeast Asia legalized cannabis, I was ready." — Jiracheep Kruayatidee Founder, Canneticz Asia

"OU gave me the tools to succeed in the cannabis industry. Today, I am proud to be the first ex-felon for cannabis sales to fully own a retail store under Oakland's social equity program." — Tucky Blunt Founder & CEO, Blunts and Moore

“The thing that I love about Oaksterdam is it’s community-focused. OU has always fought for patients’ rights, no matter how the industry has evolved, and I think that’s a very important message.” — Priscilla Agoncillo CEO, Original Breeders League

“All of the classes I took were excellent. The unique networking experience OU provides helped when I applied for a dispensary … and entered into the niche space of cannabis packaging.” — Steve Hobart Founder & CEO, Custom 420 Supply

“OU gave me the tools and the skills to change the way I grow for the better, and the knowledge to build my own personal dispensary for my sick wife, family, and a few special friends in need.” — Jeff Hickey Author and Home Grow Expert

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