2020 Isolation Grow: Family Tradition

Oct 27, 20202020 Isolation Grow Blog

Our final plants are still drying. We trimmed Bubba God and RK 16 over the weekend. I’ll detail the end of harvest in the next two blogs. We’re taking a timeout today for Jack-O-Lanterns.

Yes, we carved these pumpkins. To be fair, I cleaned many of them, and then either Karen or Bee carved them. In recent years, Bee has basically cleaned and carved all of them. We have a tradition of carving pumpkins for Halloween. Before we moved here, at our old rental, we used to carve 50 every year for the trick or treaters. In those days, everyone carved. Now, we let the graphic artists handle the fine blade work. Since living where we now live, we no longer get trick or treaters. So our carving has changed. It’s now family portraits, along with the occasional friend, or critter. For the purpose of this blog, it’s mostly of either Karen or me. These stretch back several years. There’s not much more to add. If you’d like to learn how to do this, there are tons of online sites. Here’s one.

Bee went for the devilish look one year.

And mirrored shades another year.

One year, Bee carved The Owl and the Pussycat.

RIP Loopy. Best duck ever.

Our beloved lop bunny, Dede. I love the fur and whiskers.

Here is the photo used for the pumpkin in the next slide.

I’m always amazed by things like hair. LIke Karen’s on this pumpkin, or my beard.


Well, of course we have a history of kissing ducks.

My personal favorite. I look creepy, and Karen is simply awesome. Lava mouth.

This one actually kinda freaked me. It was soon after I’d had a skin cancer removed from my face, so the scar was real.

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

Back with a blog about winter garden prep, along with all the tap roots on Friday.

Seriously, survive and vote.

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