Name: Summer Pepitone
Name of Courses Attended: Classic and Horticultural Semester (14 week program)
Date of Courses Attended: January 21st 2015- April 23rd2015

Why have you attended Oaksterdam?
I attended Oaksterdam University to acquire the knowledge needed to run my own dispensary and then eventually, a growing facility. I wanted to learn the laws and regulations on how to run these facilities properly and efficiently. I also wanted to learn Oaksterdam Universities ways of functioning and some of the strategies they recommend to use while growing indoors/outdoors.

How has it helped/ inspired you?
Oaksterdam has taught me everything I needed to know in order to set up my own dispensary properly as well as where to turn to if I need any legal advice. At Oaksterdam all the professor are extremely helpful with any questions or advice you may need. Many positive things are happening in the cannabis community and Oaksterdam always keeps its students updated with the facts, what more could you ask for!

What would you tell prospective students?
As a soon to be Oaksterdam Alumni, I would tell prospective students who are interested in making a career out of the cannabis industry to hop on board with Oaksterdam now! If you want to get your foot in the cannabis community door there is no better place to start! This school teaches you what you need to know to be successful and provides hand on experience in the labs. Not to mention the wonderful amount of networking that there is to be done! Make your dream into a reality at Oaksterdam University and you will not regret it!