Classic seminar basic & advanced – May 2014
Indoor Horticulture basic & advanced – May 2014

What brought you to Oaksterdam University?
I attended Oaksterdam because I wanted to learn more about how the plant could help people. That way I could help educate others on the advantages to the plant rather then having people just viewing it as a “stoner/hippie” thing.

How has O.U. helped inspire you?
I’ve gained a lot more knowledge on extracts and safer ways of producing them. Along with learning more about my rights and how to prevent illegal search and seizures from police. Overall Oaksterdam has inspired me to get more active in the advocation of marijuana and it’s medical values.

What would you tell prospective students? 
I’d say just do a little reading/research on either the horticulture or laws (depending on what class you take). That way when you get into class it’s not all fresh information being taught to you.