Student Experience

Oaksterdam provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and succeed in the evolving cannabis industry. Oaksterdam is widely recognized for its experience and leadership in the Cannabis industry, with exceptional academic learning and networking opportunities.

Simply put, Oaksterdam University is the best cannabis educational institution in the nation. Our students are at the center of an unmatched educational experience, learning with the World’s most respected professionals, attorneys, cultivators, entrepreneurs and their peers, a student body with wide array of backgrounds, perspectives and talents. These academic opportunities are the result of exceptional cannabis training, making Oaksterdam University the epicenter of international leadership in multiple disciplines.

You want to know your institution of learning will be there for you in the future and has been around long enough to prioritize what YOU need to know in the curriculum. You want your school to have a campus; a tangible place you can visit, get hands-on education and network with like-minded professionals. You want your professors and instructors to be experienced specifically in the field they teach and able to share valuable life experience along with actionable education, not just a personality with no credibility or a lack of comprehensive experience. Oaksterdam instruction is based on cultivating valuable content to help you identify and reach your goals.

Go to the original educational institution that all others have based themselves on. Oaksterdam University has the depth and breath you have been looking for in launching or improving, your cannabis experience from patient to professional, regular folks to regulators. OU has a decade of proving our moral imperative: to teach you what you need to know before teaching you what you want to know, which will set you up for success, prepare you for the worst, and help you bridge to your own success.

Our vast network of instructors and alumni enhance the learning experience by providing students an opportunity to create relationships, engage and network with industry practitioners. 

America's First

Founded in 2007, OU is America’s first Cannabis College
What Will Set You Apart
  • Certification from the most recognized and oldest cannabis training institution in North America
  • Learning outcomes are designed for beginners and experts
  • In-depth grow lab demonstrations taught by the most recognized & experienced faculty in the world
  • Mastery exercises designed to help you retain the content
  • Professional networking opportunities with established entities and potential partners & affiliates
  • OU also educates local, state, congressional and international governments & regulatory agencies
  • Oakland campus is the only hands-on cultivation lab in the world, with additional programs available
  • OU Online is available across all desktops and mobile devices

Our Courses

Our courses are offered at our campus in Oakland, CA and Online.
We offer two different, career-oriented courses: Horticulture & Cannabis Business


Learn and work hands-on with cannabis plants in all stages and how to cultivate legally. 

Our comprehensive horticulture program covers everything from seed to harvest and cultivation law. This course provides hands-on learning in cannabis cultivation and plant management.
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Learn how to start your own cannabis business and how to maintain and operate legally & successfully.

Our extensive business program offers an overview of the Cannabis industry with a focus on business management, product development, and the policies and legalities of the industry.
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What We Offer

Oaksterdam University students benefit from classes taught by experienced cannabis industry professionals as well as networking opportunities with faculty and peers. With the world’s original hands-on cannabis training facility, students will gain the experience, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed and lead in the cannabis industry. Our labs and workshops supply students with hands-on opportunities to work directly with horticulture equipment and cannabis plants from seed to harvest.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum covers all aspects of the cannabis Industry, from cultivation & innovation to business creation

Hands-on Education

Students work directly with cannabis plants in all stages in our horticulture labs & facilities

Renowned Faculty

Our faculty is comprised of the most well known activists, attorneys & growers in the industry

Certification Program

Our certifications are the most recognized and well recieved by cannabis industry employers world wide

Network & Connect

Students have ample time to connect with classmates, peers and professionals to establish roots in the industry

Campus & Online

We offer our courses both on-campus and online to faciliate your prefered educational experience 

Volunteer Program

Students are welcome to our volunteer during our friday horticulture lab to further their hands-on education

Alumni Internships

Graduates may apply to our 16 week Alumni Internship Program to experience working in the cannabis industry

Job Board

Students & Alumni have access to our cannabis industry  job board to receive exclusive employment opportunities

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