Oaksterdam University innovated an education system where none previously existed. As the nation’s first cannabis college, Oaksterdam set the industry standard for excellence in cannabis education.

We offer courses for nearly every aspect of the cannabis industry, from Business & Law to Horticulture, Patient Relations & more! Our courses are offered at our campus in Oakland, CA and Online. We offer two different, career-oriented courses: Horticulture and Cannabis Business.

Our Horticulture course provides hands-on learning in cannabis cultivation and plant management. Our Cannabis Business course offers an overview of the Cannabis industry with a focus on business management, product development, and the policies and legalities of the industry

Course Catalog

We offer courses for nearly every aspect of the cannabis industry, from Business & Law to Horticulture, Patient Relations & more! Click here to see a full list of our courses


Our Horticulture program is designed for anyone looking to learn everything from seed to harvest. Click here to learn more about what our Horticulture Program offers. 


The Cannabis Business program enables students to become responsible patients and employees, educated voters, prepared advocates & able business owners.  

Online Education

If you can’t come to us, we will come to you! Our courses are available online so you can take our program anywhere in the world, anytime. 


We have two required textbooks that you may purchase with tuition or on your first day of class. Textbooks are available for purchase on campus.


Certification offers an advantage to Alumni who want to work in the medical and commercial cannabis industry. 

Our Curriculum

Oaksterdam University offers comprehensive educational programs for almost every career interest in the cannabis industry. From business and law to horticulture and patient or customer relations, our internationally recognized faculty helped pave the way for medical cannabis and adult use legalization as we know it today. 

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes) to help develop our learning outcomes for each class and presentation, our curriculum addresses different learning styles, while focusing on tangible, actionable and lasting results. Using a variety of teaching techniques to address student learning, our goal is for the student to have more knowledge, acquire a skill, or develop an opinion about each topic presented that can be applied in the real world.  

Since 1996, our faculty has been participating in writing laws and policy, then informing OU students about their risks and responsibilities. We offer internships and employment opportunities as well. Our graduates can be confident that there are many career opportunities in this industry.


“We don’t just teach you what you want to know, we teach you what you need to know.”

– Dale Sky Jones

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