Adam Scott

April 17, 2017

Adam Scott

Classic & Horticulture Semester’s • January – April 2016

I attended Oaksterdam University because I wanted to make a difference in my home state North Carolina. We are known for Tobacco, a harmful drug but we aren’t even medicinal yet. The first time I heard about OU was when I was in my 2nd year of college. I did a extensive amount of research before I decided that this was definitely the 40 year venture for me. I wanted to learn all I could from this magical worldly plant and the best place for all in one type of deal was Oaksterdam. While reading and researching I fell in love with the aspects of Cannabis and all the good this plant could do for the world in whole. I had already had a year under my belt when it came to the medicinalizing effects that Cannabis offered a human, so it wasn’t hard for me to understand all the good that this plant did for people all over the world.

I got so inspired by Oaksterdam in North Carolina that I decided to stop my University schooling and acquired an Associates instead of a Bachelors. I knew that if I wanted to give my all to this life adventure that I would have to start saving and one day make the move out to California. I wanted to do the full 4 month semesters of both classes so that I could learn all that there was to offer. Im the type of person were I need to take my time with task and fully grasp whats all there. The seminar classes are perfect for people who cant make Cali there new home or if they have to ability to learn a massive amount of material in a short time. My goal before and to this day was to make California my new home so that I could keep up with classes at OU and work with a job pertaining to the Industry so that I could gain knowledge all over. One day its my mission to run my own Collective back home, so that I can have a happy life.  Oaksterdam inspired me to want to help all walks of life of people. Everyday I went to class I was able to pick up on a brand new idea to use for back home.

Go to Oaksterdam… The amount of information and ideas you learn from them is staggering. Before I moved to California I had never seen a Cannabis plant in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot of books and did a lot of research but was still a seedling when it came to growing and dispensaries. I started my very first grow one week before classes began, which was amazing because every time I had a problem with the garden I was able to go to class and ask questions. The really cool thing is that Oaksterdams classes run similar to a Indoor Grow time span. I was able to literally mimic my grow time with the classes and the material we were learning every new week. No matter were you come from, everyone is under the same Tree of Life, so conquer the short amount of time we have to grow in life. The world is Yours!

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