André Thom

May 18, 2017

graduate of the Indoor Horticulture Seminar (Feb. 13th – 16th, 2016) and was the Valedictorian of the Classic Seminar (Jan. 30th – Feb. 2nd, 2016)

Why have you attended Oaksterdam?

I attended Oaksterdam University to understand the business, horticulture and laws surrounding the budding cannabis industry.

How has it helped or inspire you?

Receiving education from OU provided me the knowledge and tools to supplement my formal legal education from the University of North Dakota School of Law. I have a better understanding of the issues and their solutions to effectively assist activists and companies in the cannabis industry.

What would you tell prospective students?

I would tell prospective OU students to attend either all of the seminars or all of the semester classes to gain a well-rounded and thorough cannabis education. Take detailed notes, think of how you can make a positive difference in the cannabis industry, and have fun!



André Thom: Manager, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Officer at LeafLine Labs, LLC.

Company Description
We are focused on delivering safe, reliable and high-quality medical cannabis while providing knowledgeable, compassionate and dignified care to Minnesotans in need.

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