Michael Garganese Jr.

May 18, 2017

Classic Seminar – Basic and Advanced • November 2014

Why have you attended Oaksterdam?

I attended Oaksterdam to further my knowledge of the cannabis plant and industry.  It was at a time where I was unsure if cannabis was something I wanted to pursue professionally.  I had a comfortable job at Google and was happy with my life.  I decided to attend the basic and advanced seminar with my dad who was also interested in learning more about cannabis.

How has it helped or inspire you?

Up until my time spent at Oaksterdam university, cannabis had played a very minor roll, if at all, in my life.  It was something I had experimented with in my younger years but something that I brushed aside as I grew older.

What Oaksterdam showed me about cannabis and life for that matter was that a lot of what I had been told by authoritative figures my whole life (adults, the media, the government, DARE program in elementary school, etc.) was simply inaccurate of misinforming.  Oaksterdam showed me all the great things cannabis has to offer humanity.  I came out of the seminar with a fire inside of me and a desire to educate myself even further and learn everything I possibly could about this plant and the power that it possesses.  As soon as graduation was over, I quit my job and moved up north to help manage a farm.  I really dove in the deep end.   Since that weekend I have never looked back.

I later took the wealth of knowledge I acquired through my time at Oaksterdam, my personal research, and hands on experience working with the plant to start my most current endeavor, Lola Lola.

What would you tell prospective students?

There is a wealth of information to be known about cannabis, and generally speaking, the information is hard to find or inaccessible without the right tools.  What Oaksterdam can do for you is set the foundation for you with what you need to know about cannabis and help guide you to finding your own path when it comes to your interest in the plant or industry.  I can not recommend this organization enough.


Lola Lola is a full retail ready cannabis product line specializing in flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, and pre-rolled joint packs.  Our mission is to deliver experiences that inspire expansion of the mind, community, and overall wellbeing of humankind.

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