Michael V. Maestri

May 17, 2017

14 week – Horticulture Semester • January 12 – April 13, 2017

Why you attended OU?

The reason that I attended Oaksterdam University is because I wanted to learn all that I could about the cannabis plant from the best of the best! Being from New Jersey and having very strict laws regarding our medical, (let alone the inexistent recreational), it was very hard to get involved amongst the legal community especially when it comes to cultivation and that just so happens to be the area I would like to focus. After stumbling upon Oaksterdam’s website my senior year of high school I told myself that this is where I wanted to go when I graduated. Well after 3 years and an Associates in Science later I was able to make the trip from New Jersey, to Oakland California and I was instantly in love with this magical school.

How it helped or inspired you?

Not only did I learn more than I ever thought I would during my 14 week class period, I came into this school thinking I already had a decent background with the plant and boy was I mistaken! Not only have they taught me a lot about the cannabis plant but the possibilities to network with your classmates either before class, on break or after class are countless. With class only being one day a week (for me at least) it allowed me and my fellow classmates to get together quite often to study, get to know each other and even throw around potential business ideas. The people that I was lucky enough to become friends with here are more like a family to me than anything else and I can’t wait to see what ideas we come up with. With my new knowledge of the cannabis plant/industry and through networking with my classmates I was able to secure myself my first job in the industry at Ganja Gold. Oaksterdam and the California cannabis industry have inspired me to get all the knowledge and experience I can while meeting as many people as I can to one day bring my craft back to New Jersey, start, own and operate my own grow and live a happy life while spreading the knowledge I have received of the cannabis plant to all those interested in learning!

What you would tell prospective students?

To all prospective students who are thinking or even already looking into attending Oaksterdam University for whatever reason… DO IT! YOU WONT REGRET IT! I personally think that my choice to attend Oaksterdam was the best choice I ever made. No other place in the world is going to offer you the amount of knowledge and recourses that OU is. I would also like to tell you all that you should ask as many questions as you can. The faculty is there to help you and they’re more than eager to stay after class to answer any and all questions you have if that’s what you need. The staff are so welcoming and friendly that from the first day I knew that this was the school for me. Even though they are my teachers I feel as though they more like my friends and colleges than just my teachers. No matter who you are, no matter where you may be coming from, if you have a passion for the cannabis plant or the cannabis industry this is the right school for you!

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