What brought you to Oaksterdam University?
The life choices that defined my reality started to feel wrong in a way that was impossible to ignore. I was unfulfilled in the work I was doing, and my hometown city of Boston was no longer the right place for me. I was experiencing illness that Western medicine was unable to control. As I realized it was up to me to research my condition and work to heal it independently of the healthcare system, I came across the cannabis community of healers and caregivers, and it resonated deeply with me. It wasn’t long before I discovered Oaksterdam University, and knew it was the time to plan to attend and be around like minded people. I felt O.U. would be great place to start.

How has O.U. helped inspire you?
The people who make up the fabric of Oaksterdam have an energy and positivity that has been vital to my development here. The conversations I’ve had have enabled me to visualize progressive goalsthat I had no idea I would be so interested in pursuing. Networking here revealed fascinating elements of the industry that I want to be a part of developing and conceptualizing. Watching the staff make leaps and bounds in legislative changes has been especially inspiring. O.U. has helped me understand that the fastest way to achieve what we’ve been told cannot be done is to surround yourself with the people who are already doing it. ·

 Can you tell us more about your plans?
Currently I’m kitchen manager for a premium edibles company, as well as a bud tender at a collective in San Francisco. In my independent work I’m co-creating a product line of healing consumables for those interested in a more customizable experience. I aspire to develop my own business and I’m seeking co-founders to join my project. Through this work I intend to help parents of children who need therapeutic cannabis treatment find guidance and direction with regard to their right to heal with natural plant medicines. I’m passionate about educating others about their ability to self-heal and very excited to see where the further exploration of the complex relationship between plants and humans takes us in the future