Ray Murphy

May 18, 2017

Ray Murphy – Forged K9

Basic and Advanced Classic Seminars •  December 2015

Why have you attended Oaksterdam? 

I attended Oaksterdam because I wanted to learn more about the Cannabis industry from the best. I was exploring a few different business options in the Cannabis industry and wanted to gain more knowledge about the business, specifically the legal aspect of running a business in the cannabis industry. The staff and instructors are the best in the industry!

How has it helped or inspire you?

The knowledge gained at Oaksterdam is invaluable. You are learning from the best in the business. The courses I attended helped to clarify the steps I needed to take to start a business in the cannabis industry.

What would you tell prospective students?

I would highly recommend anybody interested in starting a business in cannabis — even an ancillary business — attend Oaksterdam. The industry is limitless and, even if you have an idea of the road you want to go down, the classes may open your eyes to a new path you didn’t think of before.



Forged K9

Forged K9 is now the nation’s premier – and only – provider of highly trained canines for protection for the cannabis industry. From protection of large cannabis grow operations, to transportation of cannabis products, or dispensary security, Forged K9 dogs become their handler’s eyes and ears, as well as a trusted and beloved member of the family.

“We recognized a huge gap in the security that was currently being offered to the cannabis industry and launched Forged K9 to fill those gaps,” said Ray Murphy, an Oaksterdam University alum, Marine, and owner of Forged K9. Ray and, his wife Bridget, are also the owners of Koru K9 in San Francisco, the Bay Area’s leading pet dog training and rehabilitation company.

“The typical security setup is either an armed guard, camera system, or combination thereof. There have been incidents where delivery people have been robbed at gunpoint, growers have been broken into, and crops or products stolen,” Ray continues. “Just look at the numbers of premium outdoor-grown cannabis — $1,600 to $2,100 per pound wholesale and double that amount on the retail market. Large scale grows are prime targets for criminals. The mere presence of one of our canines is a strong deterrent. Even if the assailant does decide break in, they aren’t getting far with one of our dogs on the job. ”

How Forged K9 Works:

  • There are no kennels full of dogs waiting to be purchased. Every dog is hand selected based on the client’s unique and specific security needs and goals.
  • Forged K9 dogs are sourced domestically, and from Europe, from well-known, highly reputable breeders of German Shepherd Dogs and Belgian Malinois.
  • Forged K9 employs trainers that have an unparalleled level of experience and expertise. From the training and rehabilitation of aggression in pet dogs, high-level protection work, military / LEO (both domestic and foreign), detection training, and private security company canine training.
  • Clients receive an intensive 5 day handler’s course, which covers how to integrate the new dog into their home and/or business, safety protocols, and how/when to deploy the dog.

The addition of a protection dog to a cannabis business security plan offers a distinct advantages. A protection dog cannot be used against you, unlike a firearm, or bypassed like an alarm system. Forged K9 security dogs eliminate the element of human error. This investment offers business owners peace of mind throughout the life of the dog and is a cost effective way to augment any security plan. Protection Dogs are also considered less than lethal force, negating the liability that happens when dealing with firearms in the cannabis industry.

Your Eyes & Ears
Security dogs become an extension of their handler and become their eyes and ears, as well as a trusted and beloved member of their family. Top of the line protection dogs are trained to protect, but have an incredible “off switch” when they aren’t working. These are not your old school junk yard dogs. These dogs are bred out of top, working bloodlines specifically for this type of work. Buying an untrained dog and attempting to use them in a security setting is a huge liability as those dogs are not trained to remain neutral, they are not trained how and when to determine who is a threat and who isn’t. Forged K9 protection dogs receive thousands of hours of training. In addition, the handler’s receive an intensive 5-day handler’s course at their home and business to teach them exactly how to integrate the dog into their life. And, should the need arise, how and when to deploy the dog.

These dogs become your loyal companion, your fierce protector, and will give you the security and peace of mind that your cannabis business will remain safe under vigilant watch.

About Forged K9
Forged K9 is the leading provider of security dogs to the cannabis industry. We are dedicated to providing top of the line, customized canine security solutions, enabling our clients to have the peace of mind that their investments are guarded by man’s best friend. Through our unwavering commitment to quality, each dog is hand selected, and then trained in real world environments specific to your business, industry, or home. Our dogs are tested to ensure they will always engage and never fail. To protect your investment, please visit us at ForgedK9.com

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