Ask Anything: Chat with OU Experts on Clubhouse 

Jun 1, 2021 | News

Did you know? 

Oaksterdam University experts are live on Clubhouse twice every week. Join our audio chat room, and we’ll answer any questions you have about cultivating cannabis or growing your equity cannabis business. Here’s our schedule:

Oaksterdam U on Clubhouse

Mentorship for Equity Cannabis Business Success
Thursdays, 2:20 p.m. PT

Highlight your BIPOC-Owned business and connect in a safe room to explore how to do better. 

Ask Anything! Cannabis Hort with Oaksterdam U Experts
Fridays, 4:20 p.m. PT

Oaksterdam’s famous horticulture department will answer indoor, outdoor, and breeding questions for patients to commercial growers.

To join us on Clubhouse, click here, enter your mobile number and get an invitation to our Cannabis Education community. We’ll meet you there!