Black Friday & Cyber Monday Only — $100 Off Cannabis Classes

Happy holidays! This shopping season, avoid the madness of parking lots and stores. Stay home and give yourself or a loved one the gift of a cannabis education with deals on Oaksterdam’s seminar, semester, and online classes — and receive $100 off tuition! 

This deal is only valid if you enroll on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

On Black Friday, purchase any available campus class and receive $100 off with the coupon code BlackFriday. These include the Cannabis Business 4-day seminars and the Horticulture 5-day seminars in December, January, and February, or the Cannabis Business and Horticulture semesters beginning in January. 

If you prefer to take a class on your computer at your own pace, or because you have a busy work schedule, be sure to register on Cyber Monday for the Online Horticulture class and also receive $100 off with the coupon code CyberMonday

Mark your calendars — these deals will disappear at the stroke of midnight on Friday and Monday! 

Coupon code BlackFriday — $100 Off Any Available Campus Class

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Coupon code CyberMonday — $100 Off Online Horticulture Class


The Horticulture class provides hands-on learning in cannabis cultivation and plant management. The Cannabis Business class offers an overview of the cannabis industry with a focus on business management, product development, and public policies and regulations.