Budtending Certification Program: New & Improved!

Jul 19, 2021 | Blog, News

Budtending is a fast growing field within American legalized cannabis markets. Rise above the competition and get your foot in the door with a Budtending Certificate from Oaksterdam University.

Our self-paced Budtending Certification Program will give you the knowledge and credibility you need to secure a job in this exciting industry. Brand new course updates rolled out this summer make the class even more relevant to budding dispensary employees.

In the class, you’ll learn how to serve a variety of customers with a myriad of special needs and requests. We cover the wide variety of cannabis cultivars and products available for medicinal and adult use, how they affect the body, and how to convey complex information on dosing and safety. We also provide a strong foundation that anyone involved in the cannabis industry needs to know, including law, history, politics, and advocacy.

You can start our Budtending Certification self-paced course any time, and fit it into your busy schedule any way you wish. Once you’re done, you can download a certificate of completion from Oaksterdam University that is well respected industry-wide. 

New Class Updates

Our new updates include links and recommendations to an array of books and articles to further your study, plus a variety of virtual field trips and workshops.

They also include nine hours of video lectures by our faculty of cannabis experts, recorded during our Live Semester, Spring 2021. The videos are designed to complement the course texts and accommodate different learning styles. Video lectures include:

  • Federal vs. State Law 
  • Policy and History of Cannabis 
  • Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis 
  • Methods of Ingestion & Delivery Systems 
  • Introduction to Extractions & Contemporary Extractions Methods 
  • Cannabis Advocacy Semester Lecture 

Don’t delay. Enroll now at Oaksterdam University, recognized by businesses and employers in the industry worldwide. New payment plans and equity programs make it easier than ever to grow your dream career. 

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