Business Department

The mission of the Business Department is to prepare students for various careers in the Cannabis Industry. Our faculty include industry leaders and professionals who bring first-hand knowledge and expertise to the subjects they teach. Our vast network of instructors and alumni enhance the learning experience by providing students an opportunity to create relationships, engage and network with industry practitioners.

Classic Program

The Classic Program is a diverse curriculum including fundamentals such as history, the law, your rights, and the science of cannabis, plus offering basic courses within all sectors of the Cannabis Industry such as cultivation, extractions/concentrates, cooking/edibles, topicals, and advocacy. The advanced business portion explains starting and running a compliant cannabis business, the process of procuring, grading and managing inventory, plus security, taxes, banking and intellectual property concerns. Multiple industry leaders and pioneers lend their expertise on the legal, logistical, political, and economic perspectives of working with the cannabis plant and suggest opportunities within the various businesses creating this industry.

The Classic program enables students to become responsible patients and employees, educated voters, prepared advocates & able business owners.  Whether looking to find a job, begin a career, start a business or invest in one, students who complete this program will have a better understanding of the needs and concerns of patients and consumers, and a solid grasp on the overall business behind the plant. The program is designed to offer ways to engage in this emerging new industry and get you prepared for the risks and responsibilities you will face.

There are two ways to take this program, in a 14-week Semester or a 4-day Seminar:


Semesters are 14 weeks long and comprised of 18 individual classes.  In addition, each week includes a grow demonstration with accomplished horticulturists.  During these 12 horticulture demo’s, our Master Growers will walk you step-by-step, week to week from seeds and cuttings to harvest and curing, in addition to the two full two and a half hour horticulture classes.  This extra horticulture instruction is the key difference in taking the semester.  We also offer additional Hort Lab Time on Fridays for Semester Students.

Semester students come to campus once a week on Wednesdays for two and a half hours, with additional opportunities for Q&A interaction time between and after classes to interact with our expert instructors comprised of industry leaders, attorneys, business owners, professional growers and extractors.  


Seminars offer the solution for folks from out of town, or with time constraints, to complete the curriculum and get back to their daily routines.  The four day classic program is split between covering the fundamentals of cannabis (Basic 2-day course) and the business and commercial aspects (Advanced 2-day course).  The complete seminar takes four days to complete, with a final exam for each part.  Attending all 18 classes and passing the final exams will earn your seminar Classic Certification.

Business Faculty

Multiple industry leaders, many of whom are cannabis pioneers, lend their expertise on the legal, logistical, political, and economic perspectives of working with the cannabis plant for every learning path. We place subject-specific experts for each individual subject, ensuring you receive instruction from expert practitioners in each field, rather than one person teaching across multiple subjects. Our instruction is based on mastery of content, not just “personalities”.

We have a diverse instructional staff that will identify and explain your responsibilities and risks, help you bridge to new resources, and get you prepared to apply your skill set to work in the cannabis industry. We write and update curriculum with your learning outcomes in mind, identifying what you need to know in addition to what you want to know.


Oaksterdam University offers certification to students who pass their mid terms and final exams with a 75% score or higher. Certification is only a requirement for students who would like to use Oaksterdam University as a reference for employment.

Certificate of Achievement

Attend (or make up) all classes and labs, complete class lab project & complete the final exam with a score of 75% or greater.

Valedictorian Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement with Honors as Valedictorian

Attend (without make-ups) all classes and labs, complete class lab project & complete the final exam with the highest score in the class.

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