Capstone Winners: Dec. 2021

Dec 21, 2021 | Blog, News

One thing that makes Oaksterdam University’s Business of Cannabis and Horticulture Semester programs so valuable is the Capstone Project. It’s a chance for students to team up and develop a real-world business plan or grow facility under the guidance of OU’s expert faculty. 

The assignment challenges students to create a concept, name, logo, mission statement, financial strategy, marketing plan, and pitch deck for their potential business. In doing so, they must consider location, licensing requirements, cost analysis, equipment, and target market among many other factors. 

At the end of the program, each group presents its work. Members answer questions and get feedback from OU judges to help refine their plans for the greatest chance of success. 

Here are the winning projects for our August 2021 Semester:

Business of Cannabis

This is a graphic of the OG Tranquility logo

Team Name: OG Tranquility Spa

Members: Kevin Rodriguez, Nicholas Frederick, and Thomas Noyes

Concept: A cannabis-friendly spa in Englewood, Colo. that offers a consumption lounge, as well as healing and pampering services using THC-infused products. 

Judges: Priscilla Agoncilla, David Abernathy, and Aaron Justice


Team Name:  CannaVela

Members: Daniel Vela and Juan Velasquez

Concept: A 36,000-square-foot grow facility in Manassis, Va., with an emphasis on unique cultivars and sustainability. 

Judges: Jeff Jones, Joey Ereñeta, Eviane Ita and Timothy Crowell

“Winning the project was an eye-opening experience. It proved to me that it doesn’t matter what background you come from, the love we all share for cannabis brings us all together as one, thus forming the movement we are experiencing worldwide today!” — Juan Velasquez, Horticulture, 2021 

“This project has been a great learning lesson for me. My dream goal has been to open an indoor facility in the near future and this project has helped me gather all the information I needed to piece it together.” — Daniel Vela

Oaksterdam University’s next Business of Cannabis and Horticulture Semesters start Jan. 11, 2022. Courses are enrolling now!

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