Commercial Extraction and Manufacturing: New!

Jul 13, 2021 | News

Legalized cannabis markets are maturing and demand is on the rise for a wide array of cannabis products. Customers are hungry for edibles, tinctures, topicals, dabs, sauce, and more. If you’re looking to get into this emerging field by creating your own cannabis products, Oaksterdam University’s new Commercial Extraction and Manufacturing course is for you. 

Our self-paced Commercial Extraction and Manufacturing certificate program will give you the knowledge and credibility you need to enter this exciting industry. Bonus course features make the class even more relevant to budding entrepreneurs. 

Learn how to isolate and extract valuable cannabinoids and terpenes using Light Hydrocarbon, CO2, and Ethanol solvents, as well as solventless processes. Gain an understanding of the wide array of products you can make, as well as how to make a profit. 

You can start our Commercial Extraction and Manufacturing self-paced course any time, and fit it into your busy schedule any way you wish. Once you are finished, you can download a certificate of completion from Oaksterdam University that is respected industry-wide. 

Video & Resource Library

The class includes a library of resources plus seven hours of video lectures by our faculty of cannabis experts. The videos are designed to complement the course texts, providing another level of resources to accommodate different learning styles. 

Videos include:

  • Federal vs. State Law 
  • Policy and History of Cannabis 
  • Introduction to Extractions & Contemporary Extraction Methods
  • Cannabis Advocacy 

Don’t delay. Enroll now at Oaksterdam University, recognized by cannabis businesses and employers worldwide. New payment plan options let you get started right away.

To learn more or enroll in our Commercial Extraction and Manufacturing self-paced course, click here.

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