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Jun 4, 2022 | Blog, News

Oaksterdam University Chancellor Dale Sky Jones is an Official Member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, an invitation-only network of professionals who share their insights. Dale is frequently asked her opinion on topics relevant to cannabis, business and culture. Here are some excerpts from recent features:

What to Do If You’ve Lost Passion for Your Business

Break Free of Self-Doubt and Guilt

I’ve lost passion twice in my career; the self-doubt, uncertainty and guilt were excruciating. I realized it was not my business — it was me. The first time, I left the corporate ladder to help medical cannabis patients. The second time, I took back my own company from a manager who didn’t share my vision. Don’t fear change. You must break free to allow your potential to emerge. Follow your “why.” – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

How to Drum Up Positive Publicity for Your New Business

Advocate for a Cause

New companies should look at advocacy as a tool to show potential customers they care about improving their industry. At Oaksterdam University, we write op-eds and speak about issues affecting cannabis. Many techniques used in sales and marketing apply in advocacy — researching the landscape, identifying your target market (in this case, policymakers and influencers) and tailoring your message. – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

How to “Future-Proof” Your Business In Today’s Uncertain World

Study Beyond Your Industry

I study outside industry news and join discussions that appear to have nothing to do with my work. I am often amazed at the helpful nuggets of information I extract to apply to my company or work plans. The world is so interconnected that security, technology, supply chain issues and consumer sentiment reflected in a completely different sector will inform how to maneuver in yours. Look outward. – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

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