Dale Sky Jones in Rolling Stone Culture Council

Dale Sky Jones
June 4, 2022

Oaksterdam University Chancellor Dale Sky Jones is an Official Member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, an invitation-only network of professionals who share their insights. Dale is frequently asked her opinion on topics relevant to cannabis, business and culture. Here are some excerpts from recent features:

Key Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

Provide Affiliates With the Right Tools

Quality affiliates, a solid technology stack, analytics and the ability to market across multiple channels are essential. Remember that your affiliate partners are your business partners. Provide them with all the tools they need to succeed. Offer good commission rates, KPIs, accurate real-time reporting, coupon codes linked to affiliate accounts and an experienced manager to help achieve results. – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

What to Do If You’ve Lost Passion for Your Business

Break Free of Self-Doubt and Guilt

I’ve lost passion twice in my career; the self-doubt, uncertainty and guilt were excruciating. I realized it was not my business — it was me. The first time, I left the corporate ladder to help medical cannabis patients. The second time, I took back my own company from a manager who didn’t share my vision. Don’t fear change. You must break free to allow your potential to emerge. Follow your “why.” – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

How to Drum Up Positive Publicity for Your New Business

Advocate for a Cause

New companies should look at advocacy as a tool to show potential customers they care about improving their industry. At Oaksterdam University, we write op-eds and speak about issues affecting cannabis. Many techniques used in sales and marketing apply in advocacy — researching the landscape, identifying your target market (in this case, policymakers and influencers) and tailoring your message. – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

How to “Future-Proof” Your Business In Today’s Uncertain World

Study Beyond Your Industry

I study outside industry news and join discussions that appear to have nothing to do with my work. I am often amazed at the helpful nuggets of information I extract to apply to my company or work plans. The world is so interconnected that security, technology, supply chain issues and consumer sentiment reflected in a completely different sector will inform how to maneuver in yours. Look outward. – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

How to Ensure Your Customers Trust You

Show Your ‘Why’

You must have a guiding philosophy bigger than whatever you’re trying to sell. You must show your “why.” I consistently work on policy; write op-eds and blogs; host engagements, mentorship and coaching like weekly Clubhouse rooms, modeling Oaksterdam’s mission for the descheduling of cannabis to decriminalize people. Leading the way with integrity brings people, and ultimately profits, to follow. – Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University

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