Dale Sky Jones Joins Rolling Stone Culture Council

Oct 5, 2021 | Blog, News

Rolling Stone Culture Council, an invitation-only collection of thought leaders and business innovators from a variety of industries that shape culture and society, has accepted Oaksterdam University Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones to its unique community.

Jones was selected as one of the council’s newest members because of her long-standing contributions to the cannabis industry. She will join senior leaders in various industries who influence how global culture is shaped, including art, cannabis, entertainment, fashion, film, food and beverage, gaming, hospitality, media, music, sports, technology, television, and theater.

The Culture Council was launched in late 2020, and is an exclusive community whose members are vetted for inclusion based on industry and thought leadership, contributions to their industry and society, and a willingness to help lead what’s next for their industry.

“The members of this community are exceptional, innovative leaders. We look forward to the insights and thoughtful discussions that will come from them and this new business-based community,” said Rolling Stone Culture Council Co-Founder Scott Gerber. “We believe that this council brings together industry leaders with the right mix of expertise, passion, and energy to do great things and make real contributions both to their own businesses and to the larger industries that surround culture and the arts.”

Jones is thrilled to join the Rolling Stone Culture Council as another platform to further OU’s mission to educate the global cannabis community, industry, regulators and government. She also will continue her advocacy for descheduling cannabis to legalize research, ensure safe access for veterans and medical patients, decriminalize for all citizens especially in communities of color, and allow for small businesses to be the backbone of the cannabis industry. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to get these important ideas in front of other influencers who can help shape the emerging cannabis market,” Jones said. “It is important that we fight the stigma and social injustice that cannabis prohibition has created, and share the crucial role of education in ensuring a safe, equitable space as the industry continues to evolve.”

As part of the council, Jones will share her expertise in a variety of settings inside the community, contribute articles on the iconic publication’s online edition at rollingstone.com, and participate in expert panels. She also will have an executive profile shared on the website.


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