Dale Talks Education on Cannabis Voice

Apr 18, 2022 | Blog

Education and Training for Cannabis Industry Professionals

Learn more about education and training for cannabis industry professionals as Bethany Moore hosts with Dale Sky Jones and Mila Marshall on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Industry Voice. Jones and Marshall both serve on the NCIA’s Education Committee. On the podcast, they discuss how the committee helps identify emerging topics in the cannabis space. They also talk about the challenges surrounding education in cannabis for those new to the industry, as well as long-term veterans in the space.

Dale Sky Jones began working with patients in 2007, joining OU’s education and cannabis policy reform as a spokeswoman for the first legalization voter initiative. Dale became President & CEO of Oaksterdam University in April 2012 after a four-agency federal raid. Now, Oaksterdam is proud of more than 50,000 alumni from over 100 countries. OU offers Business, Horticulture, Budtending, and Extractions & Manufacturing certification courses and is contracted by the Cities of Los Angeles and Palm Springs to provide technical assistance for professional and workforce development for Social Equity Programs. Dale continues to work towards federal de-scheduling and the legacy of quality education for the cannabis industry.

Mila Marshall is a doctoral candidate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. She currently is the Principal Owner of Herb & Planning Associates where her small firm focuses on the intersection between the environment and the economy. Mila serves as an adjunct instructor of cannabis for City Colleges of Chicago, creator and co-host of the podcast To Be Blunt with Mila and Boom, creator/Committee Chair of the BIPOC Banking and Cannabis Summit, and is a current Education Committee member for NCIA.


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Fast-Track Your Career

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How to Become a Budtender

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Oaksterdam University coined the term “budtender,” and offers the most respected Budtending Certification program in the nation.

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