Greetings Oaksterdam community,

I trust we all had a wonderful Fourth of July. There’s nothing like celebrating freedom especially when its cannabis freedom!

With the many states that legalized both adult and medical use last year, there comes a tremendous need for clarification within legislation. Actually, there’s a tremendous need for adequate legislation.

As I often say, if you want to move forward in this industry I guarantee you a few things, one of which is you will be frustrated, you will be challenged, and you will question yourself as to whether or not you can truly move forward in this industry.

Part of that challenge will be the current legislation in development that you will have to follow. The fact is that cities and counties are scrambling to put together regulations before the January 1, 2018 deadline. At OU we spend a great deal of time working with numerous cities, city managers etc. helping them develop regulations that exemplify best business practices that benefit both cities and their communities.

Please attend your local city council meetings, the Chamber of Commerce meetings and offer them your opinion as well as your experiences. Most of these regulators lack the basic cannabis nuances that would help them navigate this very challenging and nascent enterprise.

What’s important to you, your community, cannabis patients and local businesses? Is there a need for on-site consumption? Is there a need for a delivery services? These are some of the issues that government has to take into consideration based upon your needs. Who should be taxed more if at all, adult use or medical patients?

When you visit your local medical dispensary chances are there is very little CBD or THCA medicine. When’s the last time you saw a cannabis inhaler? Even if your dispensary does carry these products chances are they’re out of stock half the time. As you can see there is a tremendous lack of medical products even in today’s dispensaries. Which means that there’s a tremendous need to be filled.

As Cannabis continues to pass legislation, there’s a greater need for appropriate regulation. Tax control and regulate my friends! I know that July fourth has passed but may the fourth always be with you!

Thank you,


Dr. Aseem Sappal
Provost & Dean of the Faculty
Oaksterdam University