Edie Lerman, Esq.

Professor: Legal 101, Cultivation Law


Operating out of Ukiah and San Francisco, California, Edie Lerman has been committed to providing unsurpassed legal services to individuals, collectives, and businesses. Offering consultations to all types of professionals in reference to cannabis related matters. She specializes in Consultation and defense services, available to individuals as well as collectives who wish to protect their rights.

Edie Lerman has been a patient advocate licensed to practice law in the state of California since 2006. She has represented and continues to represent lawyers, doctors, patients, collectives, cooperatives, and brick & mortar dispensaries in both civil, criminal and administrative courts. Edie has been advising agencies, operators and individuals on the subject of medical cannabis helping them navigate the very confusing and ever changing laws.

Edie is admitted to practice law both federally and in California. In 2012 she was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of U.S. in Washington DC. Edie has never lost a medical cannabis trial.