Choose Your Pathway

Oaksterdam offers two types of online programs to suit your learning style:

Learn at your own pace

Learn anywhere, anytime. Our asynchronous (self-paced) classes are designed to let you set your own schedule and learn the material in any order you want.

Online Courses:
• Horticulture
Business of Cannabis
• Economic Behind Cannabis
• Business of Cannabis Cultivation
• Advocacy
• Cannabis, Pain & the Opioid Crisis
• CBD & Hemp

Live Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom Semester programs mirror the experience of attending classes on campus with other students and share your questions, projects, and knowledge with your instructors and classmates; all from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Upcoming Virtual Semesters:
• Business 1/6/2021
• Horticulture 1/7/2021

Orientation Jan 4th

California Regulatory Agencies Webinar Series

Starting with a FREE COVID-19 Response for you to understand what has changed for your business, you can get to know your friendly regulators in a safe space with trusted friends! Dale Sky Jones will moderate ALRBOSHA, and the Fair Employment & Housing representatives. The series will help employees know their rights & employers maintain a safe and productive workplace by ensuring they understand their responsibilities under the law. Be informed before enforcement begins! We will also be offering a free webinar on considerations specific to Equity Businesses.