Erik Lomo

Faculty, Horticulture Department


Erik Lomo

Director of Online Programs

Erik Lomo joined Oaksterdam University in 2016 with the goal of creating a virtual campus. As he continues to develop Oaksterdam’s online classes and learning management systems, he also contributes to sales, marketing, and business development. 

Erik studied computer science at the University of Missouri and ran his own website design business before entering online education as Director of Online Initiatives for Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Colorado. There, he helped define the online production processes that were recognized by the Higher Learning Commission and the Council for Interior Design Accreditation

He has also worked as Multimedia Production Manager for Colorado State University—Global CampusAs a member of the Design Management Institute, Erik loves bringing the purity of the human design process to the online education realm. 

Erik was drawn to Oaksterdam because its mission to decriminalize cannabis aligns with his personal stance against privatized prisons using cannabis prohibition as a way to strip people of freedoms and rights.

He is proud to contribute to the effort toward a safe, taxed, and regulated cannabis industry.

In his free time, Erik enjoys spending time outdoors in the mountains of Denver with his wife and two sons, as well as seeing live music every chance he gets. 


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